We’re reducing the carbon footprint of every office worldwide under a program managed by our parent company, WPP.

In December 2009, we moved our Global and NY headquarters into a newly renovated Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold-certified building at 200 Fifth Avenue. We're positioning sustainability as a systemic business transformation that can deliver triple bottom line results.

We demonstrate the vital role communication can play in shaping the future of sustainability, and challenge our clients, the media and our employees worldwide to examine and act on the issues – big and small – that will have a long-term impact, including innovation, packaging, renewables, purchase behaviors and global resource supplies.

The Global Community

Cohn & Wolfe offices around the world work with a range of non-profit and charitable organizations that span education, healthcare and the arts. We also work to promote our own industry through a number of initiatives, including our long-term partnership with the LAGRANT Foundation, a non-profit focused on increasing the number of ethnic minorities in communications industry. 

The agency’s most important global initiative is Dig Deeper. Imagine More. Day, a concentrated employee think-tank supporting a global cause, while celebrating and reinvigorating our research-drive creative firepower.

Our first Dig Deeper. Imagine More. Day supported the global ocean clean-up efforts of Project Kaisei. To cultivate a sense of urgency around the impact plastic waste has on aquatic life, we created the world’s first live-stream Eco-Reality Show, starring one lonely goldfish named Kai. Our bold challenge to the public: donate money to Project Kaisei within 30 days or Kai would be transferred to a tank filled with plastic. The campaign raised funds for Project Kaisei’s next ocean clean-up voyage, spread the organization’s important message to 4.7 million Twitter followers and won six industry awards. 

For Cohn & Wolfe’s second DDIM Day, our offices rallied to “Let Every Child Play,” bringing the agency’s child-like curiosity to local communities in order to activate the imaginations of underprivileged and at-risk children around the globe. Local organizations ranged from the Theodora Foundation, a non-profit that send clowns into children’s hospitals, to the Children’s Health Fund, an organization that seeks to bring accessible pediatric healthcare to communities across the United States. Across the globe, we conducted campaigns to encourage play, including:

  • Taking the children of PRERANA, a not-for-profit working to eliminate the child trafficking in India, to celebrate a kite flying festival
  • Creating a video celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Theodora Foundation, a not-for-profit that sends clowns into children's hospitals
  • Raising awareness for Fondazione Meyer, a children's hospital foundation, through social media posts and a dedicated website featuring celebrities and well-known mothers
  • Raising awareness of the BEILEI Guardian Charity, a not-for-profit serving underprivileged children in the Shanxi Province, by encouraging the creation and donation of scarves
  • Raising awareness of Rêves de Gosse, a non-profit that provides extraordinary experiences to sick children, with the creation of a promotional video highlighting the organization’s mission

These partnerships remind us that collaboration and creativity are not only powerful tools in building brands – they help bring us together as a larger global community with the shared goal of making our world a better place, bit by bit.