We can relate.

They’re out there, these naysayers, these realists, these unholy devil’s advocates. They’re busy erecting walls, embracing the rules, playing it safe, suffocating in sameness. But for the creative renegades of the world, the sun would still rotate the Earth, the moon would have no footprints, and computers would sit only in corporate warehouses.

At Cohn & Wolfe, convention is our enemy; rules its endless cache of weaponry.

We don’t just claim to be different, we prove it. It’s in everything we do – beginning with our guiding credo: Dig Deeper. Imagine More. We dig past the obvious stuff to find the hidden connections and then imagine more amazing things we can do with them.

We’re digital geeks, creative catalysts and branding warriors all wrapped into one. We would much rather be considered refreshingly weird than painfully ordinary. That’s why our roster includes an eclectic mix of communicator hybrids: ad folks and researchers; marketing mavens and public affairs experts; scholars and screenwriters; trend trackers and setters; and one former tattoo artist. Above all, though, we’re simply the best damn branders in the business.

Our quest is to build and revive iconic brands using a combination of premier technology, intriguing insights, unconventional programming and, well, smarts. The result? Ideas that propel brands forward, build businesses and even transform entire industries.

Our vision is to be “the boldest, most original communications agency in the world.” Sure it’s lofty – we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love it when people tell us we can’t do something. It inspires us. It fuels our will. We imagine that’s how Rosa Parks felt.

As with any business, there will be imitators. We invite them. Like all original artists, we will be copied. But by the time people have figured out how to duplicate us, we will have moved on to the next original thing. We are constantly reinventing, reimagining, rethinking. While we won’t go so far as to say we can predict the future, we will certainly help shape it.

Create on.