Laura Pesin Eder

Cohn & Wolfe

200 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Tel: 212-798-9565

Ideas that Matter

Laura’s favorite quote is “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” And with good reason – much of her career has been spent in the realm of truly integrated marketing and ideation – always ensuring there are differing views coming together at the same table leading to the right ideas. She loves to craft the most masterful team design for both internal and external efforts and to ensure that her teams have the right resources, and mind space, to push ever further.

Bold brand work

Insights are at the core of what gets Laura excited about solving clients’ business challenges. She passionately believes that when you put the consumer/stakeholder at the center of everything you do – that’s when you get to the greatest work that will truly impact a brand and its business. In fact, one of Laura’s proudest moments was the creation of charitable campaign (now in its 11th year) for a leading mass hair care brand that connected women to one another through personal hair donations. This tapped into consumers’ desires to truly give of themselves and to see their impact in the smiles of cancer patients, as opposed to just ticking a monetary box. The brand has since extended the campaign into a product line that helped the brand and consumers to further give back.

Creative highlights

Laura is an avid Bikram Yogi and brings the focus and discipline from her serious practice to her life – both in and out of the office.  She always remembers to be present, be patient, show up and, most importantly, breathe.