18th Apr 2014 | Posted by Chad Latz Chad Latz's picture

What’s to be done when Mashable and Buzzfeed can get you to click on every listicle, quiz and collection of cute animals, which you will share with all of your friends via Twitter and Facebook, while issues challenging humanity (like poverty, hunger and human rights) go overlooked?

16th Apr 2014 | Posted by Katy Richardson Katy Richardson's picture

UK political headlines over the last week were dominated by the rumbling criticism and eventual resignation of Culture Secretary Maria Miller, a relatively uncommon occurrence under Prime Minister David Cameron.

2nd Apr 2014 | Posted by Ethan Kraus Ethan Kraus's picture

When the Dominique Ansel Bakery married the croissant with the donut, they invented something new, something innovative but most importantly, something that people wanted so much, they would wait in line for it. Ben Lerer, the founder of Thrillist, did the same for digital media, making something new that was greater than the sum of its parts and truly profitable.

20th Mar 2014 | Posted by Ethan Kraus Ethan Kraus's picture

Vision Critical, Crowd Companies and Discovery Communications attempted to understand where there are gaps in the current analytical measurement tools of social media platforms.

19th Mar 2014 | Posted by Jeremy Baka Jeremy Baka's picture

According to creativeguerillamarketing.com, experiential marketing budgets increased by 7.6% in 2013 and are expected to surge even more in 2014.  Though PR agencies have been orchestrating “stunts” for decades, today’s advanced technology and sophisticated thinking gives brands a chance to immerse customers in the experience.