24th Aug 2015 | Posted by Jeremy Baka Jeremy Baka's picture

Imagine trying to watch a movie where the sub-titles fade on and off the screen so fast you can’t read them.  You would leave the theater frustrated and confused rather than entertained. Same for content videos.

5th Aug 2015 | Posted by Kerri Allen Kerri Allen's picture

Pronouns. America’s been buzzing about ‘em since Caitlyn Jenner debuted on the July cover of Vanity Fair with a new look. Before her transition, Jenner told ABC’s Diane Sawyer to continue to call him (then, Bruce) “him.”

30th Jun 2015 | Posted by Kristine Newman Kristine Newman's picture

At the Brand Innovator’s Brand Week conference in June, brands like Marriott, Equinox, Aeropostale, Barclays Center, Le Meridian, Alex & Ani, Gap and more got together to talk about “Mobile and Millennials”.

25th Jun 2015 | Posted by Nabil Zawadi Nabil Zawadi's picture

Mathematics can be complicated; we all struggle with dividing a dinner bill, let alone understanding the many advanced algorithms and formulas out there. Math helps decode the universe around us, help innovate and structure our lives, but it had a humble and rather simple beginning: understanding that two is better than one.

24th Jun 2015 | Posted by Linnéa Rinäs Linnéa Rinäs's picture

As a feminist, I was quite intrigued by the Cannes Lions mini-seminar titled Adam and Even better – a new testament for marketing to women. Bec Brideson, founder of Venus Comms, specializes in the female mind, and introduced the seminar by posing the question: “Why the hell do creative agencies continue to get it so wrong with generalist communication that misses the language that women speak?”