29th Oct 2014 | Posted by Geoff Beattie Geoff Beattie's picture

To help brands understand the continuing relevance and evolution of authentic communication, Cohn & Wolfe launched the most recent in our series of original studies about authentic brands at The Holmes Report’s 2014 Global PR Summit in Miami. 

3rd Oct 2014 | Posted by Jim Joseph Jim Joseph's picture

I'm a sucker for a good concept, especially one that gets me thinking. Which is why I enjoyed interviewing Lisa Pearson, the CMO at Bazaarvoice, this week during Advertising Week here in New York. She talked about the "frictionless" economy.  Given that their technology platform fuels customer comments, reviews, ratings, and content for e-commerce, then clearly she's an expert on the topic.

25th Aug 2014 | Posted by Jeremy Baka Jeremy Baka's picture
There are a million reasons why the wildly popular “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” would never have survived client scrutiny, or perhaps even our own.

23rd Jul 2014 | Posted by Vicky Lewko Vicky Lewko's picture

What if a trip to the doctor was as easy as sitting down to your computer at home? Virtual health applications and conversational agents are aiming to provide this level of convenience to patients, transforming the way healthcare is delivered. We sat down with Timothy Bickmore, Researcher and Associate Professor at Northeastern University, to talk about the role of virtual health applications as well as the limitations and possibilities this technology has to offer.

22nd Jul 2014 | Posted by Charlotte Henley Charlotte Henley's picture

With a network of offices in all four corners of the globe, and great work being done wherever you point to on a map, we are lucky at Cohn & Wolfe to have ample opportunities to constantly glean new ways to do our jobs better.  Taking the time to understand what is happening in other markets is an effective way to challenge ourselves to do the best for our clients and maintain a truly global outlook, and I was very excited to spend a month with our colleagues in the C&W Madrid office to do just that.