• 4th May 2015 | Posted by Kerri Allen
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    It’s not often that you hear about “the cotton curtain” in modern tech circles. The phrase — referring to the political and social division of race between the American South and the rest of the country — feels pretty antiquated. But a vast political and social division still exists in public relations and the all-powerful tech world.

  • 18th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    The last day of SXSW brought some amazing keynotes and continued great content from some of the best in the business. The Cohn & Wolfe team can’t believe this is the end of the conference, but we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the sessions through our eyes.

  • 17th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    As promised, here are the rest of the lessons we learned from Day 4 – we hope you enjoy our musings and notes from another great day in Austin.

  • 17th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    Day four from SXSW and the Cohn & Wolfe team is still going strong. In fact, we have so much to share with you from the sessions that we had to break it into two posts.

  • 16th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    Greetings from the day four. Here’s what the Cohn & Wolfe team has learned so far, including the important lesson that SXSW is a marathon, not a sprint!

  • 15th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    The hits just keep coming - Day Three at SXSW and the Cohn & Wolfe team is here to give you the download of the hottest trends in digital

  • 14th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    It’s Day Two of SXSW and the Cohn & Wolfe team is on the ground and ready to give you the highlights from one of the hottest interactive conferences if the year

  • 13th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    It’s that time of year again – spring has sprung and SXSW is kicking off. The Cohn & Wolfe team is once again ready to bring the best of the sessions right to you, along with some trends added in for good measure. We hope you’ll follow along with us!

  • 9th Mar 2014 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    Day two of SXSW brought a lot a rain, but that didn’t stop the Cohn & Wolfe team from diving into a day of fun events, interesting panels and of course, breakfast tacos. Here’s the lowdown on what we experienced.

  • 8th Mar 2014 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    Friday kicked off the official start of SXSW Interactive and the Cohn & Wolfe team was out in full force. We’ll be bringing you our impressions from key sessions throughout the conference, as well as the trends we feel could impact  your business.  We’re excited to see what develops this year!

  • 2nd Feb 2014 | Posted by Chad Latz
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    Leading up to football’s biggest night, everyone expects to see the social Web on fire with fan fever (#GoBroncos), speculation, and game commentary. And marketers like me will be watching for and anticipating the delight of real-time social media stunts by big brands. But when 400,000 people descend on a host city to revel in Super Bowl celebrations, there is a lot more to concern yourself with than cheers and jeers for the participating teams on Twitter.

  • 24th Oct 2013 | Posted by Kerri Allen
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    The News Corp. tower on Sixth Avenue played host to the 6th Annual LatinVision CEOs Summit last week, where Kerri Allen, head of Cohn & Wolfe's multicultural practice, INFUSE, was invited speak and connect with some of the Hispanic media industry’s visionaries and rainmakers. The marketplace is changing rapidly and brands, agencies and media are reacting in creative and innovative ways.

  • 14th Jun 2013 | Posted by Katy Kelley
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    Companies like Google and Macy’s became globally recognizable brands by innovating their customer touch point programs well before the game changed. As Google’s Tim Reis put it, “To plan for the current state is to plan for the past.” In other words, long meetings to discuss what’s now happening in the digital space won’t help when a program is executed six months later. Presenters at the 2013 Integrated Marketing Week all echoed the same message: to really make an impact and disrupt the status quo, marketers need to get to the ‘so what, now what’ part of their roles faster.

  • 9th Mar 2013 | Posted by Brooke Hovey
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    Can’t make it to Austin for 2013’s SXSW? Not a problem: we’ve got you covered. To make sure you won’t miss a thing, our team is on the ground, being your eyes and ears for these four frenzied days. We’ll give you a sneak peek into some of the hundreds of presentations, keynotes and events.

  • 9th Jan 2013 | Posted by Chad Latz
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    One of Cohn & Wolfe's top priorities is to keep our collective finger on the pulse of consumer behavior and trends in digital media. The fast-evolving world of digital marketing has undergone profound changes over the past year, and while none of us can be exactly certain of what lies ahead, our team of global digital leaders are here to offer some guidance for 2013. 

  • 3rd Oct 2011 | Posted by Kerri Allen
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    By now, marketers are well-aware that the U.S. Hispanic population has reached 50.5 million people and that spending power is just shy of a trillion dollars. Many brands, however, still approach the market without anchoring their programs in current consumer insights or fully vetting their products or services for the market before jumping in headlong.

  • 10th Mar 2011 | Posted by John Walls
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    One of the many skills required of PR professionals is the ability to quickly switch gears from manager and taskmaster to creator and innovator.  The challenge soon becomes how to become motivated and inspired within a matter of mere minutes?  And how do you create and foster an environment of creativity while balancing seemingly never-ending client deadlines and status meetings?

  • 5th Oct 2010 | Posted by Theresa Bertrand
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    In an economy that has seen many holiday gift categories decline over the past two years, consumer food gifts grew by 9.6% to $14.9 billion. Specialty foods, which are gift-packaged food items other than chocolate and candy, are driving food gifting’s growth and the category is expected to continue its upward climb this holiday season.

  • 13th Sep 2010 | Posted by Theresa Bertrand
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    For anyone who has ever needed a solid recommendation for a local dermatologist, sushi joint, manicurist, or florist, chances are yelp.com has been consulted. That’s why I was eager to attend a recent luncheon hosted by the folks at the San Francisco PR Round Table, where the guest speaker was Vince Sollitto, Communications VP at Yelp, Inc., who spoke about the evolution of Yelp and the power of user-generated content.

  • 6th Nov 2009 | Posted by Francesco Paciocco
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    This past Wednesday, myself along with my Cohn & Wolfe Digital peers Jim Wells and Katie Greene, had the chance to attend The Consumerist’s first meetup at Botanica Bar. For those not familiar with The Consumerist, it’s a highly influential blog with more than half a million unique monthly visitors known for its witty and brutally honest commentary on consumer issues and activism.

  • 9th Oct 2009 | Posted by Eric Litchfield
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    Despite all the attention being paid to economic concerns, healthcare reform, diplomatic stand-offs and everything else going on in the world, the environmental movement and efforts to combat climate change remain a priority with governments and people around the world. And sustainability remains a driving force in business, too, as many consumers remain devoted to green products and brands that commit to sustainable business practices. 

  • 7th Jul 2009 | Posted by Andrew Foote
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    If you live in NYC, you may have heard that Southwest Airlines recently opened Southwest Porch – a pop-up outdoor lounge located on the southwest corner of Bryant Park.

    I stopped by after work yesterday and was impressed. The theme is clearly relaxation and the layout includes porch swings, Adirondack chairs and a selection of great food and Southwest Summer ale.

  • 29th Jun 2009 | Posted by Theresa Bertrand
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    The recession affects every aspect of our lives, and in response consumers are cutting back, doing away with, and trading down across the board.  Although consumers are eating at home more, CPG manufacturers can’t afford to sit idle.  Food prices are increasing at their fastest rate in 17 years, and private and store label products are tempting consumers with lower prices and flashier packaging.

  • 4th Jun 2009 | Posted by Eric Litchfield
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    I’ve been in Monterey, California this week at the Sustainable Brands ’09 conference, a fascinating and inspiring event that showcases the many people and companies pointing the way towards a greener, more sustainable, way of life for humanity.

  • 27th Apr 2009 | Posted by Lindsey Boyle
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    In a digital world where blogs are proliferating with a speed matched only by the growth of social networks, it should come as no surprise that the two entities are breeding a hybrid beast of interpersonal communication.