• 21st Jun 2015 | Posted by Marta Marquez
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    Health is defined as “the state of being free from illness or injury”.  But Health means different things to different people. It is both physical and emotional; the most human thing there is. The 2015 Cannes Lions Health Festival showcased some of the most creative, human and deeply moving healthcare campaigns from across the world. Here are a few of the best examples. 

  • 23rd Jul 2014 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    What if a trip to the doctor was as easy as sitting down to your computer at home? Virtual health applications and conversational agents are aiming to provide this level of convenience to patients, transforming the way healthcare is delivered. We sat down with Timothy Bickmore, Researcher and Associate Professor at Northeastern University, to talk about the role of virtual health applications as well as the limitations and possibilities this technology has to offer.

  • 8th Mar 2013 | Posted by Michelle Su
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    Blue is the new black, or at least it was on Friday, March 1st when scores of Cohn & Wolfe employees from both sides of the pond donned various shades of blue in support of Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

  • 9th Jan 2013 | Posted by Chad Latz
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    One of Cohn & Wolfe's top priorities is to keep our collective finger on the pulse of consumer behavior and trends in digital media. The fast-evolving world of digital marketing has undergone profound changes over the past year, and while none of us can be exactly certain of what lies ahead, our team of global digital leaders are here to offer some guidance for 2013. 

  • 8th Apr 2011 | Posted by Natasha Peacock
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    The Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA), which oversees the self-regulatory code of the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), issued informal guidance earlier this week for the pharmaceutical industry on using online communications. 

  • 31st Jul 2009 | Posted by James J. Wells
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    Speaking at last week’s Social Communications & Healthcare Conference (#BDI), Pfizer VP/Worldwide Comunications Ray Kerins said that Pfizer wants to have online conversations with its consumers. However, he thinks it is unfair to ask company employees to risk their job implementing a social media program that the FDA might later deem a violation, despite its refusal to issue guidance in this area. Nevertheless, the company just two weeks ago launched its corporate Twitter page (@Pfizer_News) and is starting to proactively communicate with its audience in real-time.

  • 2nd Jul 2009 | Posted by James J. Wells
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    Nothing has had a greater impact on my view of social media more than the book Groundswell, specifically its Social Technographic Profile, a research tool helping brands to identify how its customers use social media technologies. So I became intrigued when I heard that imc² adapted Forrester’s technographic profile tool for healthcare.

  • 10th Mar 2009 | Posted by Rachelle Spero
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    There are many point-of-views (POV) on how pharmaceutical companies are engaging in digital and social media activities. One topic that is not discussed as frequently is how and where pharmaceutical companies should start when it comes to implementing a company-wide digital strategy that includes standard operating procedures and policies. 

  • 5th Feb 2009 | Posted by Mike Presson
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    Being social media friendly is not simply about creating content that will interest a user, but rather using the content as a catalyst for user interaction. Sites like WebMD and MayoClinic will continue to draw users because of their credibility. However, will they continue to evolve as top health destinations that are social media friendly?