• 14th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    It’s Day Two of SXSW and the Cohn & Wolfe team is on the ground and ready to give you the highlights from one of the hottest interactive conferences if the year

  • 9th Mar 2014 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    Day two of SXSW brought a lot a rain, but that didn’t stop the Cohn & Wolfe team from diving into a day of fun events, interesting panels and of course, breakfast tacos. Here’s the lowdown on what we experienced.

  • 28th Jun 2013 | Posted by Anonymous
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    We say people should live their lives as they so choose, as long as no one gets hurt along the way. Be who you want to be at all times and stay sincere. I would hold the same character trait in high regard when it comes to brands. Being sincere at all times is how a brand builds a trusted, loyal following.

  • 13th May 2013 | Posted by Charlotte Henley
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    As PR professionals, media relations is at the heart of what we do, and at Cohn & Wolfe, we understand the importance of making sure these relations extend across the spectrum – from print media to online to broadcast. While meeting journalists in any capacity is always a useful exercise, nothing beats going to see them in their natural habitat, so last week some of the London corporate team went to catch up with contacts at two of the homes of the British broadcasting industry – the BBC and Sky.

  • 19th Mar 2013 | Posted by Stephen Brown
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    As storytelling continues to shift from its traditional roots to the digital age, PR practitioners must modify how they chronicle client narratives. To be pithy and precise with users is now a task practitioners perform numerous times a day worldwide. Where storytelling once was, photos or memes now say it all (and who better than Ryan Gosling, Hilary Clinton or a Harlem Shake dancer to express those most deep-rooted of human emotions?) In a world lined with morphing USA Today section logos and Reddit’s emoticons, we are reminded that our work must cut through the clutter.

  • 6th Feb 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Baka
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    Two years ago, 24-year-old Claire Thomas began blogging about food under the name  “The Kitchy Kitchen”.  Her blog featured “video recipes” with natural lighting and imagery that was never too polished or commercial, but more about a pure and simple love of food.  It wasn’t long before Thomas was discovered by a keen-eyed producer at a commercial production house.

  • 4th Oct 2012 | Posted by Russ Williams
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    The first U.S. presidential debate provides a lot of He Said/He Said fodder that will be analyzed to death.  But the two candidates also left us with some stark reminders of the importance of non-verbal communication skills.  So let’s leave the fact checking and political commentary to the pundits and pretend we watched the debate with the sound off.