• 13th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    It’s that time of year again – spring has sprung and SXSW is kicking off. The Cohn & Wolfe team is once again ready to bring the best of the sessions right to you, along with some trends added in for good measure. We hope you’ll follow along with us!

  • 2nd Feb 2014 | Posted by Chad Latz
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    Leading up to football’s biggest night, everyone expects to see the social Web on fire with fan fever (#GoBroncos), speculation, and game commentary. And marketers like me will be watching for and anticipating the delight of real-time social media stunts by big brands. But when 400,000 people descend on a host city to revel in Super Bowl celebrations, there is a lot more to concern yourself with than cheers and jeers for the participating teams on Twitter.

  • 11th Oct 2011 | Posted by Mohammed Dieye
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    Sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? A sports blogger who de-prioritizes the score and play-by-play? But that was the permeating theme at this year’s Blogs With Balls conference.  Hosted by Bloomberg Sports in their futuristic Manhattan skyscraper, the event featured 250+ independent and professional sports writers, Kobayashi chugging a gallon of milk in 19 seconds and instead of trophies, the awards were Muppets.  The yearly sports blogging event celebrates excellence in the medium and discusses ways bloggers can improve and evolve.   The biggest trend?  Not actually blogging about the scores and stats.

  • 2nd Mar 2010 | Posted by Steve Bonsignore
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    It’s hard to argue that, for the better part of a week, America got its worst case of hockey fever in…well, maybe forever. While the relative influence the blogosphere and social media played in the rampant spread of hockey fever is difficult to definitively gauge, those channels undoubtedly served as testament to the afflicted. ‘USA! USA!’ bellowed out across blog comments sections, ‘gold medal game’ and ‘USA Hockey’ hash tags torched Twitter and TV sets tuned in at record numbers.

  • 29th Dec 2009 | Posted by Steve Bonsignore
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    Sadly, extended middle fingers, temper tantrums and mindless Twitter taunts are becoming more and more “par for the course” with today’s professional athletes. It’s against this dreary backdrop that last week’s communication from Roy Halladay to the fans of Toronto stands in blinding contrast.

  • 27th Jul 2009 | Posted by Steve Bonsignore
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    I sat at my desk this past Friday and marveled as Stephon “Starbury” Marbury approached the double-digit mark. I’m not talking about points, rebounds or assists. I’m talking about hours. As in hours of all-access, unedited, filter-free Starbury coming to hundreds of thousands via live streaming video. Welcome to the “new world,” non-digital believers exit stage right. A soon-to-be-retired NBA point guard was giving a lesson in modern-day publicity, and everyone I know was tuning in to bear witness.

  • 30th Jun 2009 | Posted by Steve Bonsignore
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    The Phoenix Suns never achieved what they’d envisioned when the franchise traded for Shaquille O’Neal two seasons ago. They accomplished so much more. Sure, the Suns never made it to the NBA Finals (or the conference finals for that matter) during Shaq’s brief two-year stint in Phoenix, but that doesn’t mean his absence won’t be immensely felt within the organization. Shaq was an undeniable force in the valley of the Sun – a 300-plus pound marketing machine.

  • 27th Apr 2009 | Posted by Lindsey Boyle
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    In a digital world where blogs are proliferating with a speed matched only by the growth of social networks, it should come as no surprise that the two entities are breeding a hybrid beast of interpersonal communication. 

  • 24th Apr 2009 | Posted by Brandan Orsatti
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    The world of sports, sports media and sports marketing are bigger now than they’ve ever been. The range and reach of digital media, branded play-by-play updates available directly on your cell phone and the recent emergence of Twitter have allowed brands – especially sports entities – and media to connect with consumers through new channels. And as the industry continues to grow (and sponsors continue spending millions in athlete endorsements), companies can utilize new mediums to maximize their marketing investments and further build brand affinity.    

  • 15th Apr 2009 | Posted by Steve Bonsignore
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    At times, we use the terms “media agnosticism,” “cross-channel creative” or “non-traditional” to convey the notion that ideas brought to the table by public relations need not be “standard” PR tactics. The concept is a good one and warrants repeating – particularly today. These catch phrases serve to articulate an even simpler truth – ideas rule.