Who are they? They are your customers. They are consumers you'd like to convert into customers. They are stakeholders who define the power of your brand.

That's why we begin every client engagement with the world’s largest and most respected global study of people’s attitudes to brands and companies. It’s called the BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV), a proprietary research study we share with our parent company, Y&R Brands.

BAV not only gives us the big picture overview of what people think about you, your competitors, your sector and those brands you admire; it helps us understand the “why?”

But we don’t stop there. We dig deeper – combining desk, syndicated and field research to gain a complete understanding of your target audiences and the world they live in. We take a five-dimensional view to discover trends and insights about:

•  your target audience as a consumer
•  the marketplace where you connect
•  your target audience as a person
•  the culture they are part of
•  the media they turn to, both mass and social

We look for the trends, and also the outliers, for that’s often where the gold is buried. We translate the research into relevant intelligence that feeds and guides our creative energy.

Our brand planning ensures the campaign ideas we generate are strategically grounded and aimed directly at your greatest opportunities. Because in the end, it is really all about you.