So goes today’s creative paradox.

While IBM’s latest Global CEO Survey showed that business leaders rank “creativity” over “integrity” and “global thinking” as the most critical element in today’s complex business environment, few organizations have the one thing it takes to forge truly new creative ground: fearlessness.

The problem is, too many companies are looking for “Big Ideas.” That’s old school. An idea doesn’t have to be big, expensive and complex to get results. What it does have to be, however, is bold.

Cohn & Wolfe’s commitment to creativity is infused in our corporate vision: “To be the boldest most original communications agency in the world.” The important creative twist to that promise is articulated in our global mantra: Dig Deeper. Imagine More. We Dig Deeper into the research to find connections other people have missed or ignored. And we Imagine More ways to turn those insights into creative campaigns that matter. Or, as we call it, purpose-driven creativity.

But, purpose-driven creativity doesn’t just happen; it happens by design. That’ why we train our people to be more creative (yes, you can do that); why we have a Creative Catalyst Network of 50 “super-creators” around the world, available at the click of a mouse; why we host a worldwide Dig Deeper. Imagine More. Day in all our offices; why we award the best ideas with cash; why we orchestrate Emergenetics to learn how our people think; why all of our new hires take our Creative Pledge; and why we have won more creative awards than a squirrel has nuts.

All of this to ensure that we go beyond the obvious—that we deliver the unexpected. We abhor the idea of being ordinary. Because it’s boring and doesn’t deliver what you need anyway. Think about it: if your agency isn’t any different than all the others, then how can you expect it to design programs that differentiate?”

Create on.