You might think an agency so committed to creativity would be tempted to hit the fast forward button when it comes to the numbers.

Not so at Cohn & Wolfe. We let the numbers expand beyond the spreadsheet and become part of the creative process. In our eyes, measurement and evaluation are as much about looking forward as about analyzing the past.

Your bottom line is our top priority, so we don’t just measure communications output; we measure its impact. Calls to action, registrations, recommendations, changes in perception – and ultimately behavior – are all at the heart of our creative campaigns and the focus of our evaluation.

Our measurement methodology is a four-step process:

Research & Insight to understand the competitive landscape, target audiences, influencers and business drivers. This initial research informs our strategy and programming and allows us to set precise objectives to measure progress and the campaign’s effectiveness.

Program Development & Validation to fine-tune messaging and optimize campaigns by examining initial audience reaction using custom research.

Measurement of Output, in-progress measurement of media and digital response to the campaign. Metrics can include frequency and reach of coverage, key messages, tonality of coverage and event attendance. By actively tracking the campaign’s progress we adjust strategy and tactics to optimize response.

Evaluation of Impact measures the target audience’s level of interest and shifts in opinion, interest or behavior. Metrics can include awareness, belief of key messages, intent to act, and actual behavior obtained through primary audience research and evaluated against benchmarks set earlier in the process.

Tell us what you care about, and we’ll measure ourselves against it.