Inspiring a new audience to reach their potential
Entreprise & Prévention
Proof that safe drinking tips don’t have to be snooze inducing
Universal Pictures UK Home Entertainment
Bringing a Royal touch to the DVD launch of Universal’s Bridesmaids
Jif® Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest captivates choosy moms and inventive kids for over 10 Years
Project Kaisei
How one small goldfish inspired action against plastic pollution
U.S. Olympic Committee
Asking America to Help ‘Raise our Flag’
Keeping consumers smiling with Colgate’s new Optic White line
Encouraging families to come together for better health
Just how tough is the Panasonic Toughpad™?
Hampton Hotels
What began with the refurbishment of one remote roadside attraction culminated in a decade-long campaign that generated millions in revenue, snagged a prestigious national preservation award and inspired an invitation to meet the president at the White House. Not bad for a program launched with just $250,000.
China’s car market was a huge opportunity for Ford, except for one tiny little problem: image.
Taco Bell
How do you convince millions of promotion-adverse 18 to 24-year-olds to visit your quick service restaurant at midnight? You don’t. You get them to convince each other.

Selected Work