What made Einstein one of the most renowned thinkers of the 20th century was his ability to blend science with imagination. The result, in his case, was the Theory of Relativity. In our case, it is purpose-driven creative that captivates, motivates and activates.

We’re not suggesting we’re a bunch of Einsteins – our math scores aren’t quite there – but by immersing ourselves in research and digging deep into the data, we get fired up to imagine the seemingly impossible. This is where our agency mantra – Dig Deeper. Imagine More. – comes into play.

We dig deeper into the research, juxtaposing it against the science of consumer behavior, such as opinion surveys, Web chatter, purchase patterns, geographic nuances, and even our own proprietary international branding study called Brand Asset Valuator (BAV), to reveal the critical clues to design the best concept imaginable. And then we imagine more. We train our people in creativity and immerse them in a culture that thrives on it. It doesn’t take long before ideas are ricocheting off the walls. Einstein would have been proud.