Checking-in on the Golden Globes

19th Jan 2012

The stars. The dresses. The tweets. Hollywood’s award season has transitioned from a star-studded date with your television into a much more interactive, and on-line, experience. Cohn & Wolfe’s Digital Media team member, Pedro Rodriguez, examines the increasingly digital footprint of big award shows, in this case the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Take a look at Pedro’s article for the Huffington Post to see how a Cohn & Wolfe millennial approaches one of Hollywood’s most glamorous events.

On Sunday I watched the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards along with some 17 million people. Instead of tuning in through cable, I found a nifty live stream at VIP Box, thanks to a Twitter search. Yes, I cut the cord and I'm no longer a cable subscriber, but that's another post in waiting. The evening's lowlights included Gervais' softballs to the crowd, Madonna speaking without the added benefit of a track and Helen Mirren's topsy turvy tribute to Morgan Freeman.The evening's BIG winner, in my mind: the Internet. Sorry, Meryl but I too have an iron-clad story to support this distinction.

To read the rest of Pedro’s Op-Ed in the Huffington Post, click here.