Account Executive, Milan

Sometimes you make an unavoidable choice without even being aware you are making it. The first time I stepped into Cohn & Wolfe’s offices I was looking for work. I found a lot of work in Cohn & Wolfe; but I found a lot more, too.

Executive Vice President & Director, New York Healthcare

This September marks my thirteenth anniversary. This is remarkable tenure for PR agency life but what makes it even more remarkable is that I am not alone. I need my fingers and toes to count the number of close colleagues who have been by my side for years. This plays a key role in why I come to work everyday.

Consultant, Frankfurt

There was one moment of working at C&W I really remember: July 2007. Frankfurt. One visitor: Jeremy Baka (Global Creative Director) from our office in LA. Reason for his visit: creative training. Objective of the day: to be as creative as you can be. The whole team wore shirts with crazy names on them describing our characters and personality.

Assistant Account Executive, Austin

Working as an intern with Cohn & Wolfe for almost a year before being hired full time made me appreciate what I consider to be one of this firm’s greatest strengths: a brilliant idea can come from anyone, despite age or position.

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