Cohn & Wolfe Team Steals the Show at the Cannes Young Lions

Joseph Borenstein and Linnéa Rinäs take home top honor in the PR category for “The Vegetable Zoo”

Cannes – June 23, 2015 – Joseph Borenstein and Linnéa Rinäs, Account Managers at Cohn & Wolfe Sweden, have won the international Cannes Young Lions Gold Award in the PR category. The Young Lions competition is part of the Cannes Lions, the world’s biggest annual awards show and festival for professionals in the creative communications industry. Designed to catapult the careers of the industry’s next generation of creative thinkers, the Young Lions allow young PR professionals to showcase their talent on a global platform.
“Joseph and Linnéa are fearlessly paving a creative path through the PR industry, and I am not at all surprised that Cannes took notice,” says Donna Imperato, Chief Executive Officer, Cohn & Wolfe. “Their innovative ideas and ability to think on their feet are Cohn & Wolfe hallmarks and I am incredibly proud they represented both our agency and the industry as a whole.”
This is the second year in a row that Borenstein and Rinäs have participated in the international Young Lions competition, following their consecutive regional wins as delegates from Sweden. This past December, Borenstein and Rinäs won Gold in the Young Creatives category at the 2014 Eurobest Awards.
“We are thrilled to have won the Young Lions! The experience of having competed before – both in the Young Lions and in Eurobest – was definitely an advantage, especially when it comes to estimating the time to create the campaign,” said Borenstein.
Rinäs added, “It’s amazing to see how well Swedish PR is doing internationally, and we’re proud to represent Cohn & Wolfe and do our part in carving out the future of PR.”
The Challenge
At the Festival, pairs of PR professionals age 28 and under are challenged to complete a real-life brief from a global charity and have their idea evaluated by the same experts who sit on the Cannes Lions juries. Their job is to create a campaign from scratch within 24 hours, including a full creative brief and presentation to the judges. This year’s challenge was to create a campaign for Greenpeace that encourages people in the Western world to eat less meat, thereby reducing the meat industry’s significant impact on the environment.
The Winning Campaign
Rinäsand Borenstein’s strategy was to manifest – both intellectually and emotionally – that choosing vegetarian alternatives over meat is one of few individual actions that can make a great impact on the global environment, thus improving the lives of future generations. To bring the concept to life, the duo created “The Vegetable Zoo,” a pop-up zoo to house common livestock built entirely out of vegetables, scaled to show how many vegetables equal the same CO2 emission as one animal. Tactical elements would include partnering with food trucks serving vegetarian fare, complete with napkins featuring vegetable-heavy recipes, using artists and Greenpeace supporters to construct the vegetable animals, posting photos on Greenpeace’s social media channels that compare the vegetable animal emissions with the real animal and creating a ‘Making of the Vegetable Zoo’ video for YouTube.