Just for the money? Good luck with that.

To surprise and delight your customers? Table stakes.

To change the world for good? You’re on the right track.

How about to make money AND do good? Now we’re talking.

Our local communities and our global environment are facing some pretty big challenges, and we believe businesses like yours are our best bet to defeat them... and so do your customers. Not only do they believe it, but their actions and loyalty are increasingly driven by your commitment to doing good, smart business.

Today’s strongest brands have a purpose beyond the balance sheet; they recognize that business without ethics is unsustainable and that competitive advantage is built on values as well as innovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer a case of donating spare change from what’s left over after corporate profits. It’s about driving real change, in both attitudes and behavior, through the creative application of your company’s unique blend of assets and expertise.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a core part of your brand promise, and demands the same expertise in planning, creativity and execution as any high profile media campaign, with the same ingredients for success:

•  Simple - Do people get it? Do they understand in an instant what your company is doing and why it’s important?

•  Authentic - Is there an instant connection between the activity and the brand? Is it obvious that yours is the best company to take on the challenge, with the passion and purpose to succeed?

•  Differentiation - Will it drive competitive advantage and help your brand stand apart in the hearts and minds of your customers?

Are you ready to strengthen your brand by changing the world for good?