Smart businesses use digital media to change or reinforce behavior and to build powerful connections with their customers. This requires understanding online consumer and influencer insights, having an infrastructure for activation, producing compelling and creative digital experiences and executing with discipline.

We search the social Web, listening to conversations to find and understand the online behavior of the people you care about. We identify the opportunities for engagement and create digital content that entertains, educates and inspires to add value and utility that makes brands relevant.

While social media is a democratic medium, some voices are heard above others. We help brands gain credibility with key online influencers, building authentic and engaging campaigns that deliver coherent strategies and keep your brand on the lips, and at the fingertips, of those driving the digital dialogue.

We infuse your business with digital DNA, creating a social media infrastructure that addresses the need for standards, skills, policies and processes to effectively build and maintain your online presence.

Brands that have been built over decades can be dismantled in days, if the viral effect of social media is left unchecked in the wake of a crisis. Our digital agility ensures that reckless chatter is met with an informed response in an instant.

Smart businesses know exactly why they're online. They understand the opportunities and the challenges; the power of the masses and the influencers; and how to attract people online and connect with them in the real world.

Smart businesses work with Cohn & Wolfe.