The global landscape—in homes, in offices, on streets—is a vibrant mix of cultures that overlap in exciting and unexpected ways. The savviest brands are learning how to best speak to cross-cultural audiences now, understanding that it’s the word, the allusion, the inside-joke that makes the consumer say, “They get me.”

You don’t need to go to Brazil or Russia to find an emerging market. (Pssst. It’s in your own backyard.)  As more brands embrace a changing demographic landscape, their approaches to “niche” markets are shifting — and rightfully so. Cohn & Wolfe understands that approaching a new market can seem overwhelming and INFUSE is poised to take you step by step at your brand’s pace.
People deeply value their cultures and as much as individuals “assimilate” or “acculturate,” the emotional tug will be with momma’s Mahalia Jackson record, abuelo’s patented salsa moves or Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” How that gets infused throughout public relations efforts will be different for every product, service or program. But one thing that will never alter is our commitment to being honest and insightful with you and your consumer.
Cohn & Wolfe continuously builds our alliance of diverse communications partners within our own global network and the WPP family of agencies. The INFUSE team’s worldwide touch-points — in various regions of the U.S. and throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America — provide invaluable on-the-ground knowledge sharing about culture, language and media.
INFUSE is here to extend the core of your brand into various communities in authentic and resonant ways and to bring that small world even closer to home.