Jim Joseph

Worldwide President
Phone Number
Office Name
Cohn & Wolfe
Office Location

200 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010


Cohn & Wolfe

200 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Tel: 212.798.9826
Fax: 212.329.9900


Ideas that matter
Jim's the kind of guy that sings along to the radio commercials, rather than the scheduled programming. He scans the ads before reading the columns in Sunday's paper. We wouldn't be surprised to find him in his office, legs propped up, flipping through the "Best of" Super Bowl ads on his iPad. As the President of our North American operations, Jim brings over twenty-five years of consumer marketing leadership, bold management prowess and a fine head of hair to Cohn & Wolfe.  And if running this gig wasn't big enough, he's also an author, blogger and professor at New York University.
Bold brand work
With the strength of a power-lifting honey badger and the intelligence of, well, an NYU professor, Jim's boldest move was transforming what was a struggling pharmaceutical advertising agency into an integrated marketing powerhouse. By moving from "sickness" to "wellness", and from silo'd to holistic, Jim engineered a makeover that included new capabilities in CRM and digital, as well as a new mix of clients far beyond pharma into diverse areas of wellness.
Career highlight
Fulfilling a lifelong dream, Jim published his first marketing book in 2010 called "The Experience Effect," which showed how building a powerful brand experience can create shareable consumer loyalty.  As Jim says, "without a great brand experience, you're just another product."  The book garnered much critical acclaim, winning a Silver Medal for Best Marketing Book and we'd bet his mother has a copy bolted to the refrigerator.  Sequels are in the making and his daily blog reminds us that, "marketing is a spectator sport."


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