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Wolfe Tracking is Cohn & Wolfe’s all-agency blog with observations, insights and ideas gleaned from our daily immersion in the ever-shifting media landscape. The truth is elusive, but it will be pursued—and divulged. Join us for the hunt.


  • 13th May 2015 | Posted by Wolfgang Lünenbürger
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    It’s a modern myth in the communications industry that being loud and exceptional is the (only) way to get attention for your messages. This myth is true for all pillars of communications, I believe – but especially for PR.
  • 4th May 2015 | Posted by Kerri Allen
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    It’s not often that you hear about “the cotton curtain” in modern tech circles. The phrase — referring to the political and social division of race between the American South and the rest of the country — feels pretty antiquated. But a vast political and social division still exists in public relations and the all-powerful tech world.
  • 6th Apr 2015 | Posted by Melissa Carrion
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    This month, I was given the opportunity to travel down to sunny Miami to attend Hispanicize. I’ve been tracking this event (not conference, as clearly stated by organizer Manny Ruiz!) for most of my career and have seen it evolve into a weeklong convergence of the best and most active minds in the Hispanic market, whether it be in music, marketing or media. While I had heard tall tales of the crazy cluster that is Hispanicize, doing my homework on the who’s who of attendees, panels and events, brought the event to a manageable level full of snackable intel!
  • 31st Mar 2015 | Posted by Geoff Beattie
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    For the past few months I have been talking to business and media around the world about the importance of authenticity in building successful brands, based on the insights from Cohn & Wolfe's Authentic Brands 2014 Report. It's been great to see business leaders, brand strategists and serious media taking such an interest in the subject. We are now in the process of planning the 2015 report, which will explore in greater depth the powerful idea that 'truth is the only sustainable competitive advantage'.
  • 19th Mar 2015 | Posted by Jeremy Baka
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    Every year there are dozens of pop culture events around the world, from celebrity-studded award shows to major sports spectaculars, each attracting tens of millions ofviewers. Invariably, something happens at these events that dominate headlines the following day … or the following hours.
  • 18th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    The last day of SXSW brought some amazing keynotes and continued great content from some of the best in the business. The Cohn & Wolfe team can’t believe this is the end of the conference, but we hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the sessions through our eyes.
  • 17th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    As promised, here are the rest of the lessons we learned from Day 4 – we hope you enjoy our musings and notes from another great day in Austin.
  • 17th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    Day four from SXSW and the Cohn & Wolfe team is still going strong. In fact, we have so much to share with you from the sessions that we had to break it into two posts.
  • 16th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    Greetings from the day four. Here’s what the Cohn & Wolfe team has learned so far, including the important lesson that SXSW is a marathon, not a sprint!
  • 15th Mar 2015 | Posted by Vicky Lewko
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    The hits just keep coming - Day Three at SXSW and the Cohn & Wolfe team is here to give you the download of the hottest trends in digital