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  • 13th Feb 2015 | Posted by Jeremy Baka
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    Researchers John Kounios and Mark Beeman found that milliseconds before an epiphany occurs the brain’s visual areas shut down.  They call this a "Brain Blink."  That’s why people subconsciously look down when asked a question. They are trying to reduce visual input while solving the problem, Kounios explains.  Researchers also found that anxiety causes Left-Brain thinking. When stressed, the Left Brain dominates as it desperately sifts through existing files and folders to solve the problem as quickly as possible.
  • 22nd Jan 2015 | Posted by Jeremy Baka
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    A study of about 700 volunteers was conducted to determine if some groups are smarter than others at problem solving. Participants were grouped into small teams and presented with a business challenge. The smartest teams were not those with the highest IQs, but those where all members contributed equally rather than being dominated by one person.
  • 8th Jan 2015 | Posted by Geoff Beattie
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    In the final six weeks of 2014, I embarked on an international tour to promote Cohn & Wolfe's Authentic Brands 2014 study. We started at the Global PR Summit in Miami and a thoughtful panel discussion with Deisha Barnett of Walmart and Oliver Roll from VMware, before a whirlwind schedule of events and media interviews in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Paris, Stockholm and Madrid.
  • 2nd Jan 2015 | Posted by Jim Joseph
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    Cohn & Wolfe's President of North America, Jim Joseph, breaks down his Top Ten marketing moments of 2014.  
  • 18th Dec 2014 | Posted by Jeremy Baka
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    During the Japanese “Way of The Tea,” newly allied warlords would sit together to drink Maccha tea from the same ceramic bowl.  As was tradition, everyone in the room was considered equal in power and stature, each having the same say.  The former enemies would “brainstorm” the division of future conquests, territories and power.  Moral: Be sure everybody’s ideas are respected in a brainstorm, not just those with fancy titles, lots of letters after their name or more soldiers.
  • 12th Dec 2014 | Posted by Chad Latz
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    While our teams regularly “meet” over e-mail, conference calls and social media, there’s nothing like sharing ideas in person. During the 2014 Cohn & Wolfe Global Digital Summit, over 50 Cohn & Wolfe employees representing 20 international markets came together for three days to discuss global digital trends, best work across the agency and explore how our digital offering has grown, and will continue to grow over the next year.
  • 8th Dec 2014 | Posted by Jim Joseph
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    Winning awards and garnering accolades is certainly a rewarding part of any job; I’ll never deny that, but it’s certainly not why we are in business. There is one award, however, that makes us here at Cohn & Wolfe stand a little taller, and in many ways it is exactly why we are in business:  Best Places to Work. For the second year in a row, PRWeek has named Cohn & Wolfe as a “Best Place to Work” in the large public relations category.
  • 8th Dec 2014 | Posted by Brjánn Jónasson
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    Some crises can be avoided. Others erupt in your face no matter what you do. The volcanic eruption currently ongoing in Iceland falls in the latter category. In case you haven’t been following the news, the eruption in Iceland has been spewing lava and gas since August 31st and is predicted to continue for months.
  • 29th Oct 2014 | Posted by Geoff Beattie
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    To help brands understand the continuing relevance and evolution of authentic communication, Cohn & Wolfe launched the most recent in our series of original studies about authentic brands at The Holmes Report’s 2014 Global PR Summit in Miami. 
  • 3rd Oct 2014 | Posted by Jim Joseph
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    I'm a sucker for a good concept, especially one that gets me thinking. Which is why I enjoyed interviewing Lisa Pearson, the CMO at Bazaarvoice, this week during Advertising Week here in New York. She talked about the "frictionless" economy.  Given that their technology platform fuels customer comments, reviews, ratings, and content for e-commerce, then clearly she's an expert on the topic.