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Wolfe Tracking is Cohn & Wolfe’s all-agency blog with observations, insights and ideas gleaned from our daily immersion in the ever-shifting media landscape. The truth is elusive, but it will be pursued—and divulged. Join us for the hunt.


  • 2nd Dec 2016 | Posted by Stephanie Howley
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    As a proud board member of The Lagrant Foundation (TLF), a non-profit aimed at increasing the number of ethnic minorities in the fields of advertising, marketing and public relations, and EVP of Global Talent Management at Cohn & Wolfe, I’m fortunate to be involved in the great work led by TLF while also having a front row seat to the creative output of Cohn & Wolfe.   
  • 1st Nov 2016 | Posted by Kerri Allen
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    I recently found out the nation of Germany has, for six decades, provided monetary reparations to Jews who survived the Holocaust. I couldn’t believe I’d never known this. And I was somewhat impressed.
  • 19th Oct 2016 | Posted by Kate Joynes-Burgess
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    Emerging from the mind-magnifying experience of WPP Stream, Kate Joynes-Burgess, our EMEA digital lead, reflects on the rare power of the (un)conference to drive a dizzying diversity of discussion, foster friendship and inspire new thinking by boldly placing the agenda in the hands of participants.
  • 5th Aug 2016 | Posted by Gilberto Scofield
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    From 2004 to 2008, I lived in Beijing and was able to closely monitor the city’s preparation for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.
  • 11th Jul 2016 | Posted by Kerri Allen
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    From the president of the United States to a Shakespearean character to a ghostbuster, there are some roles that we don’t automatically envision women occupying.
  • 29th Jun 2016 | Posted by Linnéa Rinäs
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    Can PR and marketing be a force for good?
  • 29th Jun 2016 | Posted by Marta Karlqvist
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    Following the amazing week that Cohn & Wolfe Sweden had at the 2016 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for “The Swedish Number” campaign, Marta Karlqvist, leader of Cohn & Wolfe’s Nordic region, gives us an inside look into the execution of this award-winning idea.
  • 29th Jun 2016 | Posted by Jenny Runnacles
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    I'm on the flight home from my first Cannes Lions trying to figure out how to bottle the euphoric inspiration I felt during the festival and share it with my colleagues back in the London.
  • 27th Jun 2016 | Posted by Laura Bevan
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    There was one thing that was completely inescapable during this Cannes Lions festival. Not bottles of rosé, not sunburnt ad execs, not even the infamous Gutter Bar. It was virtual reality.
  • 22nd Jun 2016 | Posted by Felicity Haslehurst
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    As a healthcare communications professional, I’ve been looking forward to attending Cannes to be inspired by the amazing work happening within the healthcare industry and the increased creativity caused by advances in technology.