Brain Blink: Let a consumer feel you

29th Mar 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Baka Jeremy Baka's picture

According to the latest neuroscience research, the brain makes no distinction between reading about an experience and encountering it. Subsequently, more than just delivering information, carefully crafted sentences can provide an actual "experience" for readers. Scientists discovered that when test-subjects read a sentence about a person with "leathery hands," the word "leathery" activated the Sensory Cortex of the brain, which is responsible for perceiving texture. However, when reading the words "strong hands" no other areas of the brain activated. As author Jhumpa Lahiri beautifully explains, writing should be descriptive and emotive so that "every sentence contains a charge, a live current which shocks and illuminates."

Idea: Do your RFPs, annual plans, emails, PowerPoints and, yes, even your activities reports entertain, engage and scintillate your readers? When preparing that next document, don't imagine your consumers reading it, imagine them experiencing it. Don’t just let them read what you wrote, let them feel it.


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