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23rd May 2012 | Posted by Christianna Giordano Christianna Giordano's picture

The social sphere has belonged to Mommy Bloggers for a few years now (which can seem like decades in social media time), and they have rocked it. 14% of American moms are Mommy Bloggers – making the US home to nearly 4 million sites of the Dooce, Her Bad Mother and The Pioneer Woman variety.

Mommy Bloggers have become advocates, reps and one of the biggest groups of reviewers online – and brands have taken notice.  Walmart has a team of moms dedicated to sharing their experiences and creating communities across America;  Cool Whip has a mom group featured in both digital and print ads – along with an entire dedicated tab on their Facebook page; all reiterating that Mommy Bloggers are on top of marketer’s minds.
But where is dad? According to The Wall Street Journal the U.S. Census Bureau found that 32% of fathers with working wives regularly care for their kids, up from 26% in 2002. So where are the Daddy Bloggers? Where are the tabs and ads dedicated to all the great fathers out there?
We have seen brands recently, namely Huggies, step in the wrong direction of this trend with their ads negatively portraying men as bad parents (they have since been changed), but where are the brands embracing them?
Dads use social media and the internet more than ever for family-related activities and tracking relevant brands. eMarketer reports that 25% of dads on social networks follow a brand, and they have more friends on average than moms do, which means more people to share their brand reviews with. They’ve become a valuable online resource and presence;  basically, brands need to start paying attention to the men of the house.

Recently, the Food Network gave a shout out to Daddy Bloggers on Mother’s Day – urging them to participate in their dad-focused Communal Table and P&G has launched “Man of the House” – a website dedicated to dads everywhere. Good starts, but hardly enough for all the dads.
So what’s the next step for brands? Get to know all the Daddy Bloggers out there – and utilize them. Go past the grill and tool pitches and learn about how they approach parenting, and how it differs from the ladies out there.
Circle of Moms recently called out the top 25 Daddy Bloggers out there, but I’ve listed a few below for quick reference – get reading!


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