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2nd Dec 2016 | Posted by Stephanie Howley Stephanie Howley's picture

As a proud board member of The Lagrant Foundation (TLF), a non-profit aimed at increasing the number of ethnic minorities in the fields of advertising, marketing and public relations, and EVP of Global Talent Management at Cohn & Wolfe, I’m fortunate to be involved in the great work led by TLF while also having a front row seat to the creative output of Cohn & Wolfe.   

Kim Hunter (TLF Founder), Jim Joseph (President, The Americas and Chief Integrated Marketing Officer, Cohn & Wolfe) and I are always searching for collaborative programs where Cohn & Wolfe can help drive learning and development for the students and professionals connected with TLF. Recently, we discovered a new way to both directly affect the members of TLF and share Cohn & Wolfe’s industry knowledge. We decided to develop a Speaker Series, with a focus on education and networking, to benefit the careers of TLF members and give them a better understanding of the evolution of PR into IMC.

We kicked off our first Speaker Series in New York, welcoming around 35 TLF members to Cohn & Wolfe’s HQ for a high-energy presentation, where Jim shared insights into the evolving industry that agencies and marketers face to today. The presentation included examples of digital, social and advertising campaigns that were, at the root, based in PR, but that were part of a larger integrated drive. The examples – and their notable results – proved how critical our industry is to driving successful IMC campaigns for big brands to be successful.

The TLF members walked away with a greater understanding of the industry’s evolution and were inspired by the big brand IMC work that was shared.

In other words: Mission Accomplished!

In the coming year, we’ll be hosting additional TLF events at our Cohn & Wolfe offices in Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles and San Francisco. For more info about TLF, please check out their website: https://www.lagrantfoundation.org/


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