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22nd Jan 2009 | Posted by Geoff Beattie Geoff Beattie's picture

Welcome to Wolfe Tracking, Cohn & Wolfe’s single, all-agency blog featuring observations, insights and ideas from a team of communications professionals across each practice and region in our global network. Like the wolf, the truth is elusive. But every one of our more than 25 bloggers is in dogged pursuit—and we are eager to share our experiences surveying this new media wilderness.

What’s happening in media today – digital, social and mainstream media – is not an isolated transformation affecting only the lives of techies and teenagers. It’s changing the way we all live, work and play. It is a cultural transformation of historical significance. Our ability to instantaneously connect with anyone and then to share our experiences and ideas or our products and services changes everything. Indeed, change is at hand. It will be exciting and enlightening and surprising. 

And we’ll be there every step of the way. As communicators, we are in an inimitable position. We must balance the business needs and objectives of our clients with the tendencies and tastes of the public that sustains them. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to help tell the story of this unique point in time. If you too find this new world as fascinating as we do, please visit, read and react to Wolfe Tracking as often as you can. Please join us for the hunt.


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