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9th Jan 2013 | Posted by Chad Latz Chad Latz's picture

One of Cohn & Wolfe's top priorities is to keep our collective finger on the pulse of consumer behavior and trends in digital media. The fast-evolving world of digital marketing has undergone profound changes over the past year, and while none of us can be exactly certain of what lies ahead, our team of global digital leaders are here to offer some guidance for 2013. 

Chad Latz, President, Global Digital Practice, Cohn & Wolfe
While I still find myself having the occasional discussion about “Who owns social media”, more clients are asking “How can my business realize the greatest value out of social media?” In 2013, brands will begin to mine social data to drive and enhance multiple aspects of their businesses.   In order to do this, companies need to develop an enterprise social media strategy, rather than one that simply intends to drive volume of their next product. Companies will focus on operationalizing processes that help advance all of the functional areas of the enterprise, whether that is R&D, product marketing or talent management. There will be closer mapping of purchase path and channel activation. We’ve seen this trend coming, heralded by marketing products providers with integrated offerings such as the Marketing Cloud by salesforce.com which brings together social data, CRM, workflow and engagement to create an enterprise platform solution. The opportunity for agencies will be to work with brands to develop enterprise social strategies and to guide the organizational transformation and to help brands navigate the complex landscape of tools and platforms.
Tyler Pennock, Senior Vice President, Cohn & Wolfe New York
As the “internet of things” continues to pervade, we can expect even our appliances and clothing to become social in 2013 and beyond.  The Nike+iPod integrated sensor already allows your shoes to share your latest run via Facebook and Twitter.  The incorporation of near-field communication (NFC) technology into phones, tablets and even your clothes and appliances means that information can be shared “frictionlessly” with your entire social graph. It will be a sad day when my car has a better Klout score than mine.
Brian Remmel, Account Supervisor, Cohn & Wolfe San Francisco
In 2013, marketing departments will ramp up content production and consumers will find themselves in a flood of brand-created videos, images, podcasts, infographics, webcasts, interactive games and more. Brands that deeply understand their customers and the art of digital storytelling will win big. Brands that don’t will become invisible thanks to smarter news feed filters and search engine algorithms.
Pedro Rodriguez, Account Supervisor, Cohn & Wolfe New York
Brands that fail to provide a seamless virtual shopping experience will miss out. According to eMarketer, online sales of US apparel and accessories grew 20% last year, with bigger gains expected in 2013. New technologies such as Swivel are creating virtual dressing rooms for customers, an experience where shoppers can practically touch and feel products online and through mobile devices.
Amanda Virtanen, Vice President, Cohn & Wolfe Toronto
2013 will push the convergence of live events and social activations more than ever. Consumers will be asked to participate and engage on-site via their social channels and networks. Brands will need to discover how to effectively continue the conversation with these consumers after the initial on-site engagement.
Michael Malherbe, Consultant, Digital PR, Cohn & Wolfe Paris
Over 100 million tablet devices were sold globally in 2012.  Last month, the leading French newspaper Le Monde announced its mobile app had more visits than its own website. When thinking about content in 2013 – think “mobile first.”
Mirjam Schaper, Senior Consultant, Cohn & Wolfe Hamburg
We all know that the Internet made the whole world “local.” If you can even imagine it, location based marketing will get even more important than it already is in 2013. Local marketing in combination with mobile services merges clients and markets – the real world fuses with the digital world.
Lorenzo Petracco, Digital Practice Leader, Cohn & Wolfe Milan
In these harsh economic times, we need to justify every single dollar spent. Measurement will grow in importance and we’ll see more and more people saying “Show me the money!” Do you have a social media ROI model in place to understand, assess and drive your efforts? No? Well, it’s time to get moving!
Adriana Ibarguen, Account Executive, Cohn & Wolfe Madrid
In Spain in 2013, we expect to see a boost in Twitter users and increased engagement.  The relationship and integration between Twitter, television, radio and print media will continue to prosper. We predict that blogger relationships will continue to be key for brands’ digital presences, as peer-to-peer recommendations prove ever more valuable.
Fabian Gmuender, Senior Account Manager, Cohn & Wolfe Geneva
The role of social and mobile media to monitor and improve our wellbeing and health will become even greater this year.  New technologies will better connect us directly with medical professionals between office visits. Marketers have an opportunity to facilitate more effective communication between professionals and patients with content and tools that bring healthcare stakeholders together online.


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