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  • 5th Oct 2009 | Posted by Andrew Foote
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    I just wrapped up a trip to Greece for Stream 09. If you haven’t heard of Stream, it is WPP’s annual unconference focused on technology, innovation, and the future of digital marketing. The level of digital knowledge among attendees was one of the most impressive aspects of the event. Stream gathered 300 marketers, agency reps, technologists and venture capitalists from across the globe, all of whom contributed fascinating perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of marketing in the digital age.
  • 31st Jul 2009 | Posted by James J. Wells
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    Speaking at last week’s Social Communications & Healthcare Conference (#BDI), Pfizer VP/Worldwide Comunications Ray Kerins said that Pfizer wants to have online conversations with its consumers. However, he thinks it is unfair to ask company employees to risk their job implementing a social media program that the FDA might later deem a violation, despite its refusal to issue guidance in this area. Nevertheless, the company just two weeks ago launched its corporate Twitter page (@Pfizer_News) and is starting to proactively communicate with its audience in real-time.
  • 27th Jul 2009 | Posted by Steve Bonsignore
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    I sat at my desk this past Friday and marveled as Stephon “Starbury” Marbury approached the double-digit mark. I’m not talking about points, rebounds or assists. I’m talking about hours. As in hours of all-access, unedited, filter-free Starbury coming to hundreds of thousands via live streaming video. Welcome to the “new world,” non-digital believers exit stage right. A soon-to-be-retired NBA point guard was giving a lesson in modern-day publicity, and everyone I know was tuning in to bear witness.
  • 10th Jul 2009 | Posted by
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    With his new book "The Truth about Green Business," Gil Friend, CEO of Natural Logic, has given us an invaluable gift – mainline access to his brain, which has been processing and storing sustainability and green business strategies for the last three decades or so.
  • 7th Jul 2009 | Posted by Andrew Foote
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    If you live in NYC, you may have heard that Southwest Airlines recently opened Southwest Porch – a pop-up outdoor lounge located on the southwest corner of Bryant Park. I stopped by after work yesterday and was impressed. The theme is clearly relaxation and the layout includes porch swings, Adirondack chairs and a selection of great food and Southwest Summer ale.
  • 2nd Jul 2009 | Posted by James J. Wells
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    Nothing has had a greater impact on my view of social media more than the book Groundswell, specifically its Social Technographic Profile, a research tool helping brands to identify how its customers use social media technologies. So I became intrigued when I heard that imc² adapted Forrester’s technographic profile tool for healthcare.
  • 30th Jun 2009 | Posted by Steve Bonsignore
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    The Phoenix Suns never achieved what they’d envisioned when the franchise traded for Shaquille O’Neal two seasons ago. They accomplished so much more. Sure, the Suns never made it to the NBA Finals (or the conference finals for that matter) during Shaq’s brief two-year stint in Phoenix, but that doesn’t mean his absence won’t be immensely felt within the organization. Shaq was an undeniable force in the valley of the Sun – a 300-plus pound marketing machine.
  • 29th Jun 2009 | Posted by Theresa Bertrand
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    The recession affects every aspect of our lives, and in response consumers are cutting back, doing away with, and trading down across the board.  Although consumers are eating at home more, CPG manufacturers can’t afford to sit idle.  Food prices are increasing at their fastest rate in 17 years, and private and store label products are tempting consumers with lower prices and flashier packaging.
  • 25th Jun 2009 | Posted by Francesco Paciocco
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    After reading a New York Post article on the emerging rivalry between Google and Bing, I’m glad to say my interest in Bing has certainly grown. The two have been fiercely pitted against one another to determine which engine is the most sophisticated, the most user-friendly, and most viable in today’s ever-changing sea of online content. In addition, bloggers have taken to comparing Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results using Blind Search, a nifty tool that allows you to gauge the effectiveness of each search engine’s results, asking you to choose the results you prefer, then revealing the search engine used.
  • 22nd Jun 2009 | Posted by Jim Martinez
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    The impending passage of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) means companies have just a few months left to make the case against union organization. If EFCA becomes law, companies will likely lose their ability to campaign against union organizing efforts – something that’s now possible in the weeks leading up to a formal union vote.  Such votes would effectively be optional under EFCA.