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  • 9th Feb 2009 | Posted by Andrew Foote
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    Have you noticed that the web is looking a lot like TV lately?  Networks, portals, and the major content sites are all serving up high-quality, full screen video of news, episodic content, and sporting events.  CNN.com's broadcast of the inauguration was the best example I've seen of where web video is heading – live, interactive (featured Facebook integration), and flawless.
  • 5th Feb 2009 | Posted by Mike Presson
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    Being social media friendly is not simply about creating content that will interest a user, but rather using the content as a catalyst for user interaction. Sites like WebMD and MayoClinic will continue to draw users because of their credibility. However, will they continue to evolve as top health destinations that are social media friendly?
  • 4th Feb 2009 | Posted by Geoff Beattie
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    It’s been widely reported that the UK is being hit by a series of unofficial strikes over the issue of employers using ‘foreign’ workers from other parts of the European Union, rather than from Britain itself. As the recession deepens, we are likely to see more of this kind of thing.
  • 30th Jan 2009 | Posted by Jeremy Baka
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    Eight-hundred and twenty-five billion dollars ...  (Place your right pinky finger to the side of your lip when you say that.) Lay 825 billion one-dollar bills end-to-end and they would stretch to the moon and back … and to the moon again … and halfway back.  Forget black holes, these babies are green, complements of the U.S. Treasury. 
  • 29th Jan 2009 | Posted by Chris Knight
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    As the old saying goes, “Rock ‘n’ Roll will save you.” In a somewhat commoditized market such as flash memory, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and build programs that drive brand loyalty based on human emotions – to connect a company’s branded products to a positive consumer experience.
  • 27th Jan 2009 | Posted by Geoff Beattie
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    President Obama’s announcement yesterday is the clearest indication yet that climate change will have more influence than ever before on national and international public policy in 2009. There was speculation, much of it around the European Summit in December, that tackling global warming would have to take a back seat to pulling the world out of a deep recession. Instead, Obama has presented the issue and the need for a ‘new energy economy’ as a massive opportunity for the United States, rather than a cost.
  • 25th Jan 2009 | Posted by Mike Manning
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    For as long as many PR professionals can remember, ProfNet was their sole source of journalist requests for interviews and other information for their stories.  No PR workday was complete without scanning several ProfNet emails each day, searching for requests relevant to their client. Things have changed.
  • 22nd Jan 2009 | Posted by Geoff Beattie
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